Saturday, 16 July 2016

Zoella Beauty Sweet Inspirations - Review

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I'll be reviewing the products I've managed to buy from the new and much anticipated Zoella Beauty Range, Sweet Inspirations. The new range is inspired by French patisserie, in particular macarons, so has a sweet almond/vanilla scent and the packaging is as beautiful as ever decked out in pastel colours and pretty details. The products are enriched with almond oil, cacao and honey so are really indulgent and leave your skin feeling super soft.

I have managed to get my hands on 4 of the 8 products from the range which consists of similar products from previous ranges as well as the addition of a few new faces. In the photo above you can see the products I got, which are the Bath Latte, Body Fondant, Body Mist and the Double Creme Body Cream. If you want to hear my thoughts on these products then continue reading :) 

Firstly the Bath Latte is a Bath and Shower Milk which can be used to add lots of sweet smelling bubbles to any bath or can be used instead of a shower gel. It comes in the most adorable packaging which would look good in anyone's bathroom. This product is £6 but depending on how much you use each time this could last you quite awhile and I'm sure there is some sort of Pinterest up-cycling hack you could do with the bottle afterwards :)

Next the Body Fondant Shimmer Balm  is a product that hasn't been featured in any of the other collections and so I was particularly excited to give this a try. It comes with a cute powder puff type applicator which you rub in the scented balm and apply to the skin to give a gorgeous glow. This product is perfect for whilst on holiday or for back at home to prolong your holiday glow. It also leaves your skin subtly scented with the sweet macaron inspired scent. This product is one of the more pricer in the range at £10 but is definitely worth the money.

The Zoella Body Mists have always been my favourite since the original collection was released and this new one is just as good with the new Sweet Inspirations scent which to me smells like vanilla. Its not too overpowering and leaves you with a lovely scent which lasts all day. As always the packaging is stunning and looks amazing sat on top of my dressing table. At £8 for 45ml this product is definitely good value for money.

Finally we have the Body Cream, a product which has also been featured in the previous ranges but has the new scent and lovely pastel pink packaging as well as a new name to match the theme. Its creamy consistency gives your skin tonnes of moisture but doesn't leave a heavy or sticky feel. As with the other Zoella body moisturisers a little goes a long way so avoid putting too much on in one go as it could take awhile to rub in. Again it has the same scent as all of the products in the collection and when layered with the body mist you'll be smelling sweet all day long. This product is really indulgent and leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft and at a price of only £5 its the perfect excuse to pamper yourself. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Be sure to leave me your opinions on the new range in the comments section below as well as products you would like me to try and review in the future. I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on the new Zoella Beauty Range and I will be back soon with another post. JustClare :) x

All photos and opinions are my own.