Sunday, 7 February 2016

25 Facts About Me

Hello and welcome back to my blog, I hope you are all well. I have decided to do 25 facts about me so that you can find out more about me :) I was going to do 50 facts but I realised that I couldn't actually think of that many so you're having 25 instead haha.

1. My full name is Clare Louise Alley
2. I am 17 and I was born on the 25th of May 1998 (I was actually a month early but I was bigger than a baby at full term haha)
3. I have an older sister
4. I am about 5ft 4.5in in height and I always get called short :/
5. I have quite small feet at a size 4 but I like having small feet. I actually used to be a 5 so I somehow shrank a size
6. My favourite colour is purple
7. I have a lot of favourite animals but I like owls, puffins and hippos I think they're adorable
8. I have a pet cat called Maggie shes black and fluffy and I love her lots
9. I also have a pet hamster called Winnie and she's so cute
10. I'm currently in my last year of sixth form and I'm studying Biology, Geography and Philosophy & Ethics
11. I plan to go to uni in September to study wildlife conservation
12. I'm scared of spiders!
13. My favourite film(s) is The Hunger Games series (I love them all!)
14. My favourite book(s) is The Hunger Games series (again I love them all haha)
15. I love taking photos, I would of loved to have taken photography A Level but they don't offer it at my school :(
16. I also enjoy singing every now and then but never in front of people as I'm not confident enough to
17. The celebrity I look up to the most is Jennifer Lawrence I think she is such an inspiration and she's just hilarious
18. My favourite TV series is probably Pretty Little Liars but I also really enjoy The Walking Dead
19. I love a bit of shopping every now and again and my favourite shops include Lush and New Look
20. My favourite food is probably chocolate and I also like pasta
21. I have completed both Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards the expeditions were quite tough but I'm glad I did it and I have so many happy memories from it
22. A film I like to watch over and over again is The Proposal its so funny and it has Ryan Reynolds in it
23. My favourite programs when I was younger were Spongebob Squarepants, Drake and Josh, H20 and Victorious (I basically just liked all of the Nickelodeon shows)
24. My favourite social media site is probably Instagram
25. I love Disney and my favourite films are The Lion King and Tangled :)

So there you have it 25 facts about me that you might not have known. I always struggle to think of things about myself so it took me quite awhile to write this haha but nevertheless I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I will speak to you soon :) ~JustClare x

                                                               All opinions are my own

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