Thursday, 18 February 2016

A Day by the Sea

Hello and welcome back. Today I went to Weymouth with my parents, which is a seasidey town. You might think we're crazy going to the beach at this time of year but it was nice to be by the sea, enjoy the fresh air and have a bit of a wonder. I took a few photos throughout the day so I thought I would make a blog post with them plus it will be nice for me to revisit this in years to come.

 This first photo was taken by the harbour and as you can see even though it is February the sun was out and there wasn't a cloud in sight. There wasn't even a breeze so it didn't feel very cold even though it was only about 7°C.

For lunch we got a good old portion of Fish & Chips from Bennett's on the Waterfront. We get them from here every time we come to Weymouth because they do the nicest fish and chips ever! I also treated myself to a battered creme egg which they do every year in the weeks leading up to Easter and although it sounds gross I promise you it is sooo good. They also do battered Mars bars, Twixs and Crunchies all year round (I've only tried the Mars bar but they are also really tasty). Not only are their food delicious all of their fish are caught sustainably! So I would highly recommend them if you are ever visiting :)

After lunch we headed up to Nothe Gardens which surround the Nothe Fort where there were some clear signs that Spring is on the way. Snowdrops and Daffodils dotted the landscape which looked really colourful against all the dead plants and dormant trees from Winter.

Spring is probably my favourite season so its nice to see the first signs of it and hopefully it is the start of warmer and more sunny days ahead.

 Various wildlife had also come out to enjoy the sun which resulted in some good photo opportunities.

In Nothe Gardens you can find the most tame squirrels you will ever see. People were feeding them and they would take it out of their hands one even climbed up a girls leg! 

Another little birdie enjoying the sunshine :) 

In this last photo you can see how blue the sea was it looks like the middle of Summer! After this we just went and had a look round the shops. I enjoyed the day and it was nice to get out of the house and have a change of scenery.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my day and I hope you have all had a lovely day whatever you were doing and I will speak to you all soon :) ~JustClare x

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