Sunday, 14 February 2016

Lush Haul

Hello everyone and Happy Valentines Day! I hope you have a great day whatever your doing :) Today I have another Lush Haul because I'm sure you all know by now how much I love Lush and also because they have brought out some amazing new products for Valentines and Mothers Day! Keep reading to see the products I have bought with a little description of each and the prices as well.

The first thing I picked up is the Lovers Lamp bath bomb which is one they have brought out for Valentines. This has an amazing chocolatey orangey scent and releases cute little hearts as it fizzes away. It is made from cocoa butter making it super smoothing on the skin and orange oil and vanilla absolute give it that perfectly sweet and warming scent. 
Price ~ £3.95

I couldn't resist picking up a Unicorn Horn bubble bar. This one again is a limited edition one for Valentines which they released last year but sold out before I could get one so I was so happy when they brought them out again! This one is just so fun and colourful leaving your bath a pretty pink colour with silver lustre when crumbled under the running water. It contains lavender, ylang ylang and neroli oil making the perfect scent combination for bedtime bathing. Unicorn Horn is perfect for those who find it hard to relax or get a good night sleep. 
Price ~ £4.25

This next one is the Ladybird bubble bar which they have brought out for Mothers Day. It is just so adorable and the scent to this one is not too overpowering with a subtle scent of sweet peppermint and geranium oil. It turns the bath red and is the perfect treat after a long day. 
Price ~ £3.95

Another one for Mothers Day this is the Flowering Tea reuseable bubble bar. You can get lots of baths from this one as you just hold it under the tap and it creates lots of bubbles. With an uplifting floral scent made from rosewood and neroli oils and orange flower absolute this is another good one to make you feel calm and relaxed. It leaves the bath water cloudy with a subtle sparkle as it melts under the water blue cornflowers are released and float upon the surface.
Price ~ £4.95 

Also brought out for Mothers Day is Rose Bombshell bath bomb which as you can guess smells of roses. Be prepared to have a stunning bath spectacle as rose petals appear through cloudy pink waters bringing with them the scent of Sicilian lemon and floral geranium. This one is certainly not boring! 
Price ~ £3.95

This next one is Grass bubble bar which to me does smell a bit like cut grass. It contains sandalwood, bergamot and neroli which give it that fresh uplifting scent. This one will be perfect for the springtime and although this one is quite new I don't think its limited edition so it should still be on sale for awhile yet.
Price ~ £3.75

The last one I picked up is the Guardian of the Forest bath bomb which has a similar fresh scent to the Grass bubble bar. This one explodes into a variety of greens and shimmer making it very exciting and not like anything I have seen at lush before. The key ingredients for this one are cypress, rosewood and lime oils and oakmoss absolute which give that fresh foresty smell.
Price ~ £3.95

So that is it for this Lush Haul no doubt there will be another one soon haha. I hope you enjoyed reading and let me know what products you have recently discovered and love so I can check them out :) ~JustClare x

                                                    All photos and opinions are my own

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